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Vintage Biplane Rides In Atlanta – Cobb County McCollum Airport

  • Flight Packages & Prices

    home_packagesDiscover your perfect flight experience! Sit back and relax -- or take the controls and experience life as a pilot. If you want the ultimate in thrill rides choose an Aerobatic flight full of loops and rolls! Go it alone or with a friend.It’s all up to you. Find your perfect package and see prices.

  • About Us

    home_safetySafety is the only thing that takes priority over fun. Since 1996 we have made hundreds of flights yearly. Our FAA certified pilots have thousands of hours of experience. We maintain a perfect safety record. Our aircraft meet the highest FAA maintenance standards. Learn more about us.

  • Latest from the blog

    Bi-Plane - Lee Kluger

    I receive questions almost daily about different aspects of our Bi-Plane Adventures.  I do my best to convey the most accurate and helpful answers to each unique question.  Through our website, which is overflowing with helpful information including the history of our aircraft, our impeccable safety record, and the variety (read more)

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    Take any flight with us and receive a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert at the Elevation Chop House, a $12 value!! Click Here.

  • I purchased the Ultimate for my aviation loving husband for Christmas last year. He absolutely LOVED the experience! He could not say enough about how amazing it was to fly the plane and experience an open cockpit. Lee was very nice topping off the overall wonderful experience.
    - V.K.