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Lee, great ride! Flying in a biplane was even better than I imagined it would be. I will be back to fly again!

- Jim Eason

I only have one problem as a result of my flight last Friday. At my age, my skin has lost some of its elasticity. At this rate it will take me about three more weeks to get the grin off my face. As soon as it goes away I’ll start planning to go up again. What a great time.

- The ChairMan

Lee, What a GREAT trip! I have been in the airline business for fourty years but this was my first flight in a small plane. It was outstanding…smooth, excellent views, and most enjoyable to both of us. Keep up the good work we will reccommend you to everyone.

- Marty McCommon

A friend told me about your website. I didn’t know such things existed here in Georgia. I’m going to talk to the little lady tonight and probably book a flight A.S.A.P. :)

- Kerry Snell

Lee What a thrill – the aerobatics is something I would never imagined getting the opprtunity to experience. Still can’t wipe the smile off my face. My wife finally cracked a birthday present I loved :) Been recommending it to everyone.

- Gary

lee, the ride was the best birthday gift we have ever gotten! a great, smooth ride. i have recommended it to several friends.

- Jim Hansen

What a fun treat this was. I had a short ride with Lee up and around Allatoona Lake. Luckily for me, it was the perfect day for flying – warm, clear views, and not much turbulence. All I can say is that it was so much fun, I’m itching to do it again. Next time I’ll pay a bit more to get more time in the air and travel further afield.

- Tim Lewis

I was given a gift flight by my daugther for my birthday. While I am not a big fan of flying, I had a great time and would recommend this for anyone interested in what flying was like before jets made air travel routine. Lee as an excellent guide for your first time in a biplane. Next time I think I’ll try the sunset flight. Thank you so much.

- Kedmin Velez

I had A great time flying on your Waco UPF-7. I live in California maybe next time I come to Georgia, I will go up in your N3N-3 for some Aerobatics

- Ken Rentschler

Chris and I would like to thank you for the experience….I had not flown in a small plane since I was 15 years old….for Chris’s 15th birthday present, I wanted to share an experience from my youth…on a different level…in a WACO. Lee, you did everything to make the flight a joy except offer beverage and snack service! We are looking forward to the photos and CD.

- Thomas Law

Our daughter and son-in-law surprised us with a combination Father’s Day and birthday gift flight. It was wonderful. The pictures that you took are awesome. Thank you so much. We share our experience with everyone.


Lee, Thanks for a great ride on our 28th Anniversary! Candice was happy we were able to find our house from the air.The trip up to the north GA. mountains was very nice at low altitude. We also loved the Wing-overs! Nice article in the AJC, I can see why you love your job.

- Rick Wilson

I had a great time flying in your Waco UPF-7. Maybe next time I will fly in your N3N-3.

- Ken Rentschler

Lee, Just wanted to thank you for a great flying experience. It was the best time I have had in years. I have always wanted to fly aerobatics in a tail dragger and you help make my dreams come true. It was a perfect flight and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try.

- James "Izzy" Isbell

Lee Rocks! I took my flight today with aerobatics and I have been on cloud nine the whole day! Lee made you feel very comfortable and gave perfect instructions on how not to get sick> I will be back for more flips, rolls, and laughs. Thanks!


For my son’s 15th birthday, we rented him wings. He had the time of his life ! Thank You So much for offering this. Your planes are awesome, and the time and patience you put into your customers is amazing! You can tell you really love what you do and take pride in your planes. I felt at ease knowing my baby was going up into the air with you ! Thanks Lee!

- Kim Koch

Thanks for the great ride! After open cockpit flying, all other flights will pale in comparison. Hope to make another trip soon!

- Robert Gaskin

Lee runs a first-class operation all the way through–my wife went on-line and got me this gift for a Valentine’s Day surprise—it has to rate as one of the funnest gifts a guy could get. I recommend this to anyone who has any spirit of adventure!!!!

- Tom Karis

What a great birthday present. The plane and the pilot both made for a very memorable and fun ride. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Lee!

- David Adams

Thumbs up Lee! My first flight in an open cockpit plane, 3-27-06. I’m 68, this was a boyhood dream realized at last. To all who share a love of restoring and flying classic airplanes: May the wind keep blowing in your wires… Keep it on! Best Wishes.

- Sam Dillingham

Lee, thanks for the incredible ride!! I am still smiling and thinking about the view and the great fun! Maybe I’ll do that again and get a little braver! It was AWESOME!!My husband couldn’t have gotten me a better birthday suprise!

- Brenda Lorenz

I just bought my husband a 45-50 min. ride with aerobatics for Christmas. He is going to be so excited. He has no idea I am doing this. Maybe he will return the favor for me!!! Thanks for your kindness Lee. See ya soon buddy.

- Christy Hendricks

Lee is first class! Very safe & fun! I fly helicopters nearby. He always demonstrates high integrity & safety!

- Mike Patellis

Lee, Very impressive aircraft! The flight was FUN! I would LOVE to do this again!!!!! Having restored automobiles, I know the time, energy, and money that go into restorations…You did a magificent job on that N3N!! I think you’re earned the right to say ” Please don’t scratch the plane.” Regards.

- David Wood

A birthday present from my wife. Nothing could havev been a better choise. Got to enjoy the experience with my son and his girlfriend. Lee’s commetns during the flight added to the enjoyment. I’d do it again. Norm Raynal – Ramstein Air Base Germany

- Norm Raynal

Lee, thanks for the ride. Best B-Day gift ever. Next time I’m going for the aerobatics (and a little more stick time)!

- Dan Kirk

Someone wise told me that working at what you love is the key to success. It appears Lee, that you listened. Your passion comes thru as quality in your service / product. Thanks for putting a smile on this cynic?s face. It was a hoot.

- Richard Smalling

Thanks for the collection of photos. I would like take a flight some time.


The best birthday gift a man could receive. Lee, was very accommodating during the weather rescheduling. The open cockpit airplane was very exhilarating. I now have a very different view of Kennesaw, Marietta and Atlanta. Thanks

- Carlton Jones

I have been an avid aviation and military history buff most of my life, and The Ride was the culmination of that hobby. I read in many places about the “Yellow Peril”, so riding and flying it were so special I find it hard to put it into words. Riding in that plane could be habit forming.

- Roger Avrit

today was so fun i want to do the barrel rolls those are so Cool

- kristinf fauntleroy

Lee – Fantastic ride. The aerobatics were awesome. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a little bit of controlled adventure. Keep up the good work. It was a blast.

- Lance Hanfland

Hi Lee… I can’t thank you enough for making a special trip back to the airport so that Dan could at least have part of his surprise birthday present by meeting you and seeing your incredible airplane! Even though the weather wasn’t good enough for him to fly with you on Saturday, he (and the rest of the family) enjoyed surprising him. We’re looking forward to re-scheduling the flight, and the tailgate party very soon! Thanks again.

- Mary Kirk

Thanks to my daughter’s Christmas gift, I was able to fulfill a long time wish. Being up there, with the cool mist of the clouds was truly an amazing experience. Thank you for a great time.I look forward to another flight when I visit Atlanta again. Maybe the next one I’ll go for a little more zing!

- Arlene Yeomans

My family brought me this ride for Christmas. This IF ONLY MAN COULD FLY!! This is as close as it gets. I have been in the aviation field for over 40 years and nothing can compare to this experience. Exciting, thrilling and daring but it’s worth it. A once and a life time experience. Thank you for a great flight…

- Dennis Pasch (a.k.a. Maddog)

Really enjoyed the ride. Just received the pictures today that were taken in flight over Atlanta and they turned out great. Thanks for the ride of my life.

- Glenn Lawson

Every weekend since my ride I watch for you to fly over my house. Now I recognize the sound of the engine and wish it were me each and every time. There is nothing I could have done to celebrate my 65th milestone that would have been more exciting or provided a better memory. I received my pictures and live every second all over each time I share them. I thought I could wait to do it again in October, twice year would be enough, but I can’t wait that long. See you in June. Thanks for the memory.

- Barbara Milliken

Hello to Lee Kluger. I enjoyed my flight with you very much especially since it was my 80th birthday and a gift from my family.It was my first flight in a Stearman. It is a beautiful aircraft. Thanks for the stick time. Best of luck to you and family.

- Homer Harrison

I won this plane ride at the company Christmas party by singing Karaoke. I sure am glad I went up to sing! This was 100% fun and not scary at all! Had and absolute memorable experience and glad I was brave enough to do it and to find out there was nothing to be afraid of! I highly recommend it to all who love the skies!

- Vivian Feltz

Lee, thanks for a great bi-plane experience. My children gave me the gift certificate for Christmas, and I could’nt think of a better gift. The plane,ride ,your comentary in regard to the plane, and the wonderful ride itself over the N. Ga. mountains was great. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Hope your getting some sleep w/ the new addition to your family.

- rob jewell

This was the single most exciting thing I have every done. All I ever wanted to be was a Naval Aviator and fly ! To fly a navy aircraft of this GREAT BEAUTY was a honor , also to fly in a open cockpit with only the endless sky around you was BREATH TAKING

- Richard L. Gobie

Hi Lee: Frank and I received your pictures from his ride in Georgia on the 15th of October. He was so happy and he loves being up there in the air. He would rather be up there with you than in a commercial plane. He raves and raves about his flight to everyone he talks too. His son-in-law knew what to expect when he got home from work and Frank told him all about it. Thank you so much for making his special birthday a happy one by having the time to take him up while we were visiting our family in Georgia.

- Earleen from Michigan

Lee, Thanks again for the flight and allowing me some “stick time”. I enjoyed every minute, and plan to take another flight with you in the Spring of 04.

- Fletcher

Thank you for a wonderful ride, I can not remember anything else I have done in the 37 years of my life that even comes close to the enjoyment, I received on that one 30 minute ride! I am driving my co-workers crazy telling them about it! You have a beautiful aircraft and I hope that I can take another spin again sometime soon!

- Michael W. Broadhead

Thank you again taking my father on the ride of a lifetime. He mentioned that it was the best birthday gift he could have received. You do a great job with this adventure, and may God bless you richly for following your passion of flight.

- Tim Hanline

I just received my photos. It took me a week to wipe the ear to ear smile off my face and now its back! I’ll say I was more than a bit nervous however, you put all my fears to rest with your explicit commentary before and during flight. Of all the adventures I’ve experienced, this one takes the cake! Words cannot describe the feeling of jubilation I felt! Thank you for the thrill and see you again soon!

- Anita Taff

Hey Lee just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable day on Sunday (August 24), you made everything so easy with your pleasant personality. I’m anxious for the pictures. Hope to ride with you again in the future!! Thanks again for helping me turn 40 and not feel so old.

- Judy Jones

Lee, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful ride last week. It was everything I hoped it would be. Also, thanks for being so patient with my clumsiness getting in the plane. You sure did a great job rebuilding the plane. It is beautiful.

- Harriett Yaap

Lee,I shared my flight experience this morning as well as the pictures Andy and I took with my co-workers and needless to say, they were in awe! Thank you for letting me take the stick and get some seat time in a bit of history! I look forward to seeing the photos you took and going back up with you again. My soon to be 50 year old heart and soul are still soaring! Thanks again.

- John O. Donnelly, Jr.

My flight was one of the funnest things I have ever done. I’m ready to go again. Thanks for the great time.

- John Freeman

Lee, thanks for a great flight. My son and I very much enjoyed the flight from start to finish. The loop around Kennesaw Mtn and the view of Lake Allatoona were superb. the wing over manouver was exhilirating. We can’t wait to view the Pics. Thanks again

- Ben Johnson

Lee, Great flight! I had fun. Thanks for letting me “take the stick”. Plan to see my kids have the same fun.

- Vern Jones

My wife buys me a flight every year for my bithday , it makes me look forward to getting another year older . wow what a rush.

- Rick Farrar

I enjoy so much the ride that I will do it again. It was my best birthday present ever!! And just so you know, definitely have to get the pictures, they were great.

- Lucy

I have flown with you twice, courtesy of my son, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I would recommend this to anyone, & have, even people to people you don’t like. Lee is a great pilot, and the plane is immaculate.

- Bob Camp

My flight on 4/19/03 was an unforgettable experience. I’ve dreamed for years of doing something like this but never thought I would find the opportunity. 25 minutes is not long enough! I’m still visualizing flying over the clouds with the sun above us – like a fairy tale. Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’ll see you again one of these days for an aerobatic flight.

- Callie Maloney

A wonderful present from my wife! It was an incredible flight, complete with aerobatics (rolls, loops & even a hammerhead stall!) AWESOME!! No video game or roller coaster ride can come even close to this! Lee was professional, encouraging, and explained everything in advance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Definitely recommend the aerobatics and pictures! Thanks, Lee, for a tremendous experience that I’ll never forget!

- Daryl Warinner

I had the time of my life. The aerobatics were breathtaking. I would highly recommend this adventure as one of the “must do’s” in one’s lifetime!!!

- Jeffrey Eisen

Lee is a true professional. I had an incredible ride (experience!). I have recommended this to all my friends and associates.

- Kevin Slade

Lee,what a great ride, was great fun. Will definately do it again.

- Van Jacobs

Thank you so much! A gift from a wonderful friend, this experience touched me in so many ways. It was a very personal adventure and has allowed me the opportunity to realize that a new life can begin with an unexpected adventure. Thank you, again. A Blast!!!

- Bigi Ritter

Lee, thanks for an AMAZING flight! The aerobatics were better (and smoother) than any roller coaster. For all interested, North Georgia looks great from 3,000 ft in the fall!

- Stephen Haber

Lee, could not have had a better. What a great aircraft and a terrific flight. Never having flown in a small airplane I did not know quite what to expect. One of the best experiences of my life . Thanks again.

- Jim Hines

Hi Georgia A gift from my wife & daughter could not have been better. You were great

- Roy Worley

Lee, Great flight! It was a birthday gift from my wife and kids. Really enjoyed the wing overs and the pictures are outstanding. Hope to do the aerobatics one day.

- Bill Beagen

Brought my son to McCollum for his first plane ride and we saw the bi-plane touch down. We definitely will be back to take a flight with you!

- Stan Goldstein

My photos arrived the day before we were leaving town, so I haven’t had an opportunity until now, to say thank you. The pictures were better than I expected. It will be fun to send copies to my daughters and grandchildren. Actually, I will probably frame one and put it in my office. It was an experience that I will never forget (WONDERFUL) and I find that it is so difficult to describe to anyone. When I ask people, “Have you ever smelled clouds?!” they look at me as if I am a little crazy. You, however, knew exactly what I was talking about. I can even say that I have seen clouds from all sides now. I guess the only part that makes me a little sad, is that I want to experience flying that way again. At least I know that I had the privilege of experiencing something that many people never will. And if the Gods are feeling benevolent, perhaps the opportunity will pass my way a second time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Lisbeth Ann Williams

Delighted to meet you at Oshkosh. Very impressed with your site. Gary T. the barnstormer

- Gary Thompson

Great flight Lee. I’ll be back.

- mike mctyre

Hi Lee! Thanks for the great flight on June 16 – it was the highlight of my week in the US, was far better than I ever expected, and an experience I will never forget. In case you don’t remember me – I’m the one who turned around when you said “Clear” !!! Hope to revisit you at some point in the future and can’t wait to receive the photos to prove to my husband that I really did it.

- Claire Kennard

Hi, Lee! My husband, Randy, used to fly with you many times on business trips. A ride in your plane is on my “someday to do list”….can’t wait! Take care!

- Sherry Davis

Nice site. I will be flying with you at 11:00 on July 8. A birthday gift from my wife Sandy.

- Bob

Lee, Enjoyed the ride and look forward to doing it again with the acrobatics. It was one of the best presents my wife has given me.

- David Chastain

I remember these beautiful ole airplanes from my childhood.There were (2) stearman biplanes that had been converted to aerial spray planes. I’m still spellbound to this day when one will fly in form somewhere. My dream is to someday go up in one , this would be the ” Ultament High” for me to one day realize this dream.

- Kenny Hewitt

Hopefully I can come and do that this summer, it sounds liek an awesome experience! I’m all about the thrills and adventure.

- Daniela

The ride was fantastic. Could not imagine it would be that great. Thanks for the ride Lee. Be back in the fall.

- Jim Terril

Your website was very impresing it helped me find alot of information for my project on transport.

- Lachlan Waugh

Ilove your website. I love you both. Maybe and that’s a really, really, really big maybe, someday I will get brave enough to go up. By the way, noticed the change in the “about us”.

- Phyllis Milton

I just bought my N3N home from Az. It was a duster and I found it in a barn where is has been for 36 years with the wings off for recover. It looks like lots of work but at least it is complete. Nice web sight!

- Paul E. Christen

Lee thanks for a great flight. Inflight pictures came out great. Very proffessional and custom made to order. Thanks for some great memories.

- Jeff Cohen

The whole range of flight experince is here. From serene flying with the wind in your hair to stomch crunching wing-overs. Lee and his palne serves it up your way. I higly recommend it it. The wing camera pictures are great you would regret not requesting it.

- Rick Diaz

Wow Lee! What an amazing experience. Thanks for a great flight. I had more fun than anything I’ve done before. I was quite concerned about the aerobatics at first but your touch made it such a success for me. I have to return… soon!

- Paul Jackson

Lee, Thanks for the great flight. Better than anything I could have imagined.

- Richard Groves

Lee, thanks for another great ride (and the pictures are great too). You really have a great air craft and your knack for finding the passengers limits (g load) is much appreciated. Previous to my 2 flighs with you I had not been in a light aircraft for over 20 years and you allowed me to experience the big fun I’ve been missing (aerobatic) at 4500 feet! Thanks!

- Bill Feier

This is REAL! flying. To not experience this at least one time would be a mistake. As Arnold would say “I’ll be back”.

- Roger Wilkerson

Flew N2S Stearman during WWII training to become Naval Aviator Fighter Pilot.

- Joe Mussatto

Lee, my dad was thrilled with his gift certificate and aerobatic flight. He said you were careful and professional, and made this flight terrific. He LOVES to fly, and this experience will be one he won’t soon forget. The pictures are GREAT, we had one of them framed for him recently and he is so proud to show it off. Thanks for making such wonderful memories. Maybe we’ll be in touch soon to purchase another ride for him

- Susan Black

Tony Miller, said great things about you. Told me to check out your site. Good page well done. Spent 16000+hours flying for 35 years. What you are doing is the best there is. Need to visit your hangar sometime. best to you.

- Wayne E.DeWitt

What a great website! It really gave me a lot of info. on a subject I knew nothing about. I was looking for a present for my boyfriend and he loves planes. Flying lessons were definitely out of the picture because of cost but this will be perfect! Not too expensive and he gets the experience he wanted.

- Renee Fowler

have always had a dream of flying in a bi-plane,and your site sparked up an interest again.what time of year do you take up people on flights?

- mike wilson

I want to fly biplanes for a job too, but for now I am have to stay on the ground. Feel free to visit my page. Well it’s more like my E-squardons page but I built most of it. NE way I am LT. Colonel PIP on that page. Any way I love what you guys do. I wish I lived closer, and maybe someday I’ll see you up there!!!!

- Matt

Lee, Great flight! As an old fighter pilot with 3,000 hours in F-4s, combat experience and a whole lot of “war story” experiences, I must say that my flight in your “brand new 1941 Navy flying machine” will be an ever-lasting memory. Talked up my experience with the folk at work. Got a lot of interest out at the old airplane factory (Lockheed). I’ve been asked if you would consider a discount if I can round up a “certain” number of clients. As soon as I get all my photos together, I’ll make something you may want to hang on a wall somewhere. I’ll drop off a copy. Oh, by the way; my wife told me I didn’t get my hat and scarf… Great flight, great operations and a great way to make a living. Sure wish I’d thought of it!!!

- William T. Smith

Lee, I just wanted to say thanks for the GREAT FLIGHT!!!!! You are a professional all the way. I have never flown in an open cockpit before and now I will never forget it. I really enjoyed myself……………THANKS

- Mike Brown

Had a great time…did’nt realize how much I missed flying! I will be back in September if my kids took the hint about my birthday!!!

- Rhett Glover

Had a great flight and enjoyed every minute of it. The ultimate in my flying career to sit out in the wind.

- David Barfield

Beautiful airplane! I enjoy your fly-bys at the end of the working day while I polish my C152 parked by the tower (on the grass)

- Steve Gatlin

I flew in November and it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had – I’m looking forward to flying again!!!

- Janette Rollins

WOW !! what a site. just got back from the airshow in wilkes barre pa, was wonderin if i could find a way to see what it would feel like to fly like this, and …..there you were…..get the plane ready cause this truckdriver from pa is heading your way sometime this summer….thanks. anyplace to park a semi close by ??

- floyd stephenson

Thanks Lee for a great ride. I really enjoyed the flight, the aerobatics, the airplane, and you. You do a great job and I hope to get my wife up with you soon.

- Mike Birmingham

WOW – what a ride. This was a great experience. You must try it

- Russ Biringer