Shared experiences………….Lasting memories

I receive questions almost daily about different aspects of our Bi-Plane Adventures.  I do my best to convey the most accurate and helpful answers to each unique question.  Through our website, which is overflowing with helpful information including the history of our aircraft, our impeccable safety record, and the variety of flight options we offer, most of those questions are answered.

It can be very difficult sometimes to accurately describe to people just what it is like to fly in a convertible that just also happens to be a piece of history.  Many of our customers say it best (check out the comments on the Customer Review page).  I just love taking someone up that is a little apprehensive about the whole thing to start, and bringing them back with a changed perspective after a new and eye-opening experience.  Many people tell us it is the most fun they have EVER had!  (Now you know why I like my job so much!)  Taking your kids up to share this is perhaps the most fun of all!  Have a look at our Video above.  I took up my 7 year old daughter (Dani) and she has flown with me many times in a number of different aircraft  She was nervous about the “yellow airplane” because she knows that it does flips.  She wanted no part of that.  But during the 4-minute video, she is transformed and you can see it on her face!  She and I will remember it forever.


Bi-Plane - Lee Kluger


There’s really nothing quite like open-cockpit flying.  It is the ultimate in sensory stimulation.  You’ve got the crisp wind in your face, the sound of a radial engine humming in your ears, the cool breeze flowing through your fingertips at 75 miles per hour, and spectacular views ranging from the skyline of downtown Atlanta to the natural beauty and rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  All that, coupled with someone special sharing the experience right next to you, makes for a truly amazing occasion.

I think most of us have enough electronics and gadgets, and they will likely be replaced two years from now anyway.  Telling you that taking a biplane ride for two is better than any of that might sound self-serving (and it is), but you don’t want to miss out! 

Lee Kluger

Bi-Plane Adventures, Inc.

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  1. Dan says:


    Great video. I’ve had similar experiences with my children in a J-3 cub. My daughter wasn’t sure about going at first because “the yellow airplane doesn’t have a hood”, speaking of course about the lack of cowling over the valve covers.

    What grass airstrip was that in the video?



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