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The flight was fun and exciting! My pilot was professional and experienced, and provided the an awesome balance of sight seeing, excitement, and time in the air. This was the best birthday present ever!

- Pat Burt

Experienced our first BiPlane ride yesterday (Oct 31, 2015) on a beautiful 59 degree Fall Day… a Christmas gift from our children… Enjoyed every minute! Oti, our pilot, was a great host! We will try and do it again!! Thanks!

- Sue Carducci

I bought the flight for my husbands birthday. My son (8 years old) and my husband flew over Lake Allatoona and Red Top mountain. The enjoyed the flight!! Mike, the pilot was awesome and made the flight even more enjoyable. I plan on taking my mom next weekend! Thank you again for a memorable day!

- Monica Schmidt
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Mike took my wife and I out for a ride over Cartersville since it was raining over Lake Allatoona. He is a true expert, wonderful pilot and he calmed our nerves as he guided the plane with ease from take-off to landing. Thank you Mike for the memorable trip! It was a blast!

Colby Porta

- Colby Porta

Can’t possibly top all the praise and accolades from your other customers, can only endorse them and say that it was spectacular as a surprise and incredibly enjoyable fun for my wife and I on our 52nd wedding anniversary. Spent 27 years in the USAF flying fighters and support aircraft, you displayed true professionalism while maintaining an outstanding personable approach. It was a sheer joy and I’ve been encouraging friends and family to try it. Thank you.
Daryl Carpenter

- Daryl Carpenter

I took my first Bi-Plane ride this past month (May) and I absolutely was thrilled. I enjoyed every minute of the take off, flight, the sights over Lake Allatoona and area. Wish I had more time. Highly recommend for anyone. Pilot Lee was very expert at the controls and personable. Like him allot and I’m sure you will also.

Al Zuniga

- Al Zuniga

Thank you Lee for the outstanding flight today. This was a Father’s Day present from last year and am glad I scheduled today. Pure blue skies, perfect temperature and even though there was a descent wind and some turbulence, you did a fantastic job of making sure that was at a minimum and not distracting. You have shown that you are very experienced and trustworthy. I highly recommend your business and look forward to going up another time.

- Ron Selvaggio

I wanted to take a minute to Thank you for your continuous support of Hunter’s Helping Hands. Our Family Fun Fair this year will take place at The Park at City Center in Downtown Woodstock (101 Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock, GA 30188). All proceeds go directly to The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation – The largest non-governmental source of funding for childhood brain tumor research. We thank you for joining us in our efforts in raising funds and awareness to eradicate this aweful disease.

- Hunter's Helping Hands

The flight was great. I have a small problem with motion sickness and that was taken in consideration during the flight and I still got some spectacular views. A great time.

- Jim Stiber

I purchased the Ultimate for my aviation loving husband for Christmas last year. He absolutely LOVED the experience! He could not say enough about how amazing it was to fly the plane and experience an open cockpit. Lee was very nice topping off the overall wonderful experience.

- V.K.

My husband gave me the plane ride, complete with aerobatics, for a Christmas present…as this is the last thing I would have bought for myself. It was a fantastic ride with a superb pilot. He was informative, interesting, and communicated every step of the flight very well. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

- Heather Galloway

My 8 year old son Matthew and I had a Ferris Bueller afternoon and I surprised him with a flight with Lee. He was thrilled and cannot stop talking about it. It was wonderful, Lee makes everything fun, easy and professional. We had a ball on a glorious day to fly and Matt was the All Star in school the next day with his classmates. This was a home run for me to have such a wonderful fun experience with my son. Lee is terriffic and I cannot recommend this any more strongly as a great fun adventure for us both. We will do this again as soon as we can. Great gift idea also…. Thanks Lee!!!

- John Hinds

WOW! I took the aerobatic flight in October, 2012. What a thrill!! The views were spectacular. This was a wonderful 50th birthday gift from my brother.

- Jeff Patton

i am sure this has been said many times before but the ride was awesome. It was a perfect gift from a dear friend who joined me on the ride. But more impressive is the integrity and professionalism of Lee and his organization. Every detail is clearly thought out and the entire experience is perfectly orchestrated and executed. Well done, Lee. You are a blessing and a delight. We will definitely return. Thank you again.

- Nancy Carter

This flight was my 2nd. My wife has given me a certificate the last 2 Christmas’s and I have throughly enjoyed my experience. I was able to take some really great photos with a Leica “film” camera & 135mm lens. If you haven’t been for a flight, go now and go often.

- Tony Whitehead

What a wonderful experience! Lee was most professional and offered plenty of information regarding the local sites during our flight over Lake Allatoona. We will definitely be doing this again and suggesting to all of our friends! We will remember this event forever!

- Ed Herridge

We celebrated my wife’s birthday a couple thousand feet above Atlanta. What a treat! Lee was a fantastic pilot and gracious host – both on the ground and in the air. He asked us our preferences and offed guidance from his experience at every step. The control of the plane was super smooth and he took the time to work with my wife who often experiences mild cases of motion sickness. In the air, he told us what he was about to do before he did it and very smoothly executed the maneuver. I would highly recommend flying with him. My wife told me over and over how much she has enjoyed her birthday! Thank you for being a part of that!

- Richard

I had an awesome time on your bi plane ride. My girlfriend and I took this trip for our 2 year anniversary. It was my first time flying in any kind of aircraft. The takeoff and landing was so smooth i couldn’t believe it! The skyline of Atlanta was beautiful as well as Stone Mountain. The ride was so smooth and very fun. I would recommend a flight like this to anyone. I truly had a awesome time with a great pilot! Thanks again!!!

- cody averett

This flight was a gift for my 69 year old girlfriend and she loved it….has show all photos to all here friends and they are very jealous…

- percy

Our sunset flight was just as I had expected it to be…wonderful! The flight was smooth and views were spectacular. We will have to do it again, the next time we are in Atlanta. In our opinion, the video was a must have. Once we received it in the mail, we relived our experience and excitement.

- Ramon

What a wonderful airplane ride. I recommend it to everyone.

- Joan Migneault

One of the gifts my husband gave me for my 40th Birthday June, 2012 was an amazing ride in a Biplane. I get very fearful when it comes to adventures like this. So yes I had butterflies and was bit nervous . I was quickly put at ease by Lee. What a wonderful and calming pilot. He explained everything and as we took off my nerves calmed my eyes open and was able to enjoy the amazing view and feeling of flying in the open air. This is a must do for everyone! I am ready for our next flight! I am happy we have the pictures and video, job well done

- Allison

My brother bought me my birthday present with Biplane adventures a few years back, I love airplanes, but im scared to death to fly. So i show up, Lee met me, and we were off, I was very nervous at first. Lee was awesome, we fly over downtown, he let me fly a little bit, then we did some areobatics. It was fantastic, I was scared to death at first, but Lee made everything ok. It was great, want to do it again.

- Brent Dawson

Lee, Thank you for an amazing flight and a wonderful, professional experience. Tom and I had an amazing time on your tour. I wholeheartedly appreciate the trouble you went through to save the day when the other company I had originally scheduled with changed the schedule at the last minute. We can’t wait to see the video and photos. I will be sure to send folks your way who are looking for an amazing biplane tour. Thanks again!

- Marnie Petit Nessen

The pilot, Lee Kluger, is the very epitome of professionalism. His thorough, no-nonsense approach to pre-flight instruction, and communication during the flight told me very quickly that I was flying with the very best. Thanks for a once in a lifetime experience.

- Richard Gipson

Lee is a very precise, professional, and calm individual. He exudes confidence. Great qualities for a pilot. The flight was awesome ! The plane has a very secure feel to it. The flying is exciting and fun,not scary at all.We were up for an hour of amazing views and a experience like no other. I took a lot of pictures. If you elect to fly the plane some, you will find out how sensitive and responsive it is. But Lee flew it smooth as silk from take off to the smoothest “greased on” landing I’ve ever had in a plane. I will fly again soon!

- Mark Holder

This was beyond my expectations!!! What an amazing experience. I had gotten my boyfriend a gift certificate for a bi-plane ride, for two of course :) He has always had reservations about flying, but even with his reservations, he was absolutely thrilled once we got up in the air. We are inspiring photographers, so the opportunity was priceless. I can’t wait to do it again; next will be my boyfriend’s daughter who is just so excited to experience this opportunity in the very near future. Thank you so much Lee; we had an unforgettable experience!!!

- Marlene Bauer

I am 65 and received the biplane flight as a Christmas gift. I have tried many adventures over the years ,including sky diving and scuba diving. I put the aerobatic biplane ride at the top of the fun and thrilling list. I plan to take another flight soon.

- Brian Doyle

My second time to do the aerobatics and I can’t thank you enough Lee for such a wonderful experience. To anyone considering the aerobatic package all I can say is, just do it! Smooth like satin, graceful and yet totally exhilarating, exciting and awesome.

- Deborah Stoker

I am a retired educator from Alabama. Just recently I took my ten year-old grandson to Kennesaw to experience his first flight. What an adventure for us both! We each made memories for a lifetime that day. Thanks, BIPLANE ADVENTURE.

- Coach Don Jones

I am 58 years old and have had a lot of experiences in my life , but this time I had the time of my life . Chatting with Lee ( the pilot ) ,doing the aerobatics and the view puts this adventure at the top of my most exciting and memorable of my life . I will most certainly do this again .

- Ron Boss

What a enjoyable way to celebrate my birthday. The aerobatics flight was awesome and the weather was great. I appreciate you being able to work the flight in on my birthday. Thank you very much Lee. Will definitely return and take another flight.

- Phil Keeble

Thanks for a great time! This was my first ride in an open cockpit aircraft and the aerobatics were fantastic. I highly recomend it! I know Jane and I will be doing it again soon.

- Lucky Madsen

I had a great time doing this. It was so much fun. What a great birthday gift. I can’t wait until I get to go up again. Lee was amazing and really patient. Had a great time chatting, flying, and doing aerobatics!! I will recommend this ride to everyone I know looking for a great gift idea.

- Amanda W.

What a wonderful way to celebrate a 70th birthday. Our ride in the WWII bi-plane was beautiful — downtown Atlanta, the mountains and lakes, etc. Lee made us very comfortable and pointed out interesting sights. Fantastic experience!

- Judy S.

My wife and I celebrated our 29th anniversary with a side-by-side flight over Atlanta. It was a fantastic experience. Lee was very patient, professional and informative. We thank you very much for a memory never to be forgotten.

- Steve Taylor

Thank you so much Lee for making my son’s 16th birthday unforgettable!! I think we’ve created a monster. My anniversary is coming up and I know what to ask for now. Also, thanks for your professionalism and will certainly recommend your services.

- Nanette Peddycoart

Took my son up for his 13th Birthday. The Pilot, Lee was very patient with me and my 13 year old son, who had never flown anything but commercial before. We got a fantastic open cockpit ride on a beautiful summer day along with lots of extra “tips” about what we were flying over. I will definitely do this again! The only thing I would change would be to remember to bring a strap for my camera! But that didn’t really matter because Lee has a camera/video system mounted to the wing to record the big smiles on your face! – This experience was my first time flying, and it was incredible! Lee kept a smile on my face the whole time, and the ride was so breathtaking. I will definitely be back! Thanks for the memories =D

- Daren Mudrey

This experience was my first time flying, and it was incredible! Lee kept a smile on my face the whole time, and the ride was so breathtaking. I will definitely be back! Thanks for the memories =D

- Chelsea Boerstler

My husband and I had a great time on our Bi-Plane ride! We flew over the Braves stadium, our house and Lake Allatoona. Lee was a great tour guide! I will recommend this to all of my family and friends! Thanks, Lee!

- Rebecca Francosky

You’re not flying in a tube or a cabin, but out in the open sky with the clouds, the hawks and the wind, pure 100% exhilaration. I loved every minute up there, and Lee knows just how to add to the flight itself with fun and interesting commentary. Thank you, Lee, for the best flight of my life.

- Carl Wallander

Lee, Thank you so much for an awesome experience! The flight was one of my personal highlights! I very much appreciate you working with me on the weather and getting the flight in. The N3N is such an amazing aircraft and the aerobatics will be one of my cherished memories! Thank you so much! Will definitely come fly with you again!

- Joey Kendrick

not being ever in a biplane i was a little concerned about not being sercure in the plane. but just the opposite . i felt no jitters once we were off the ground. lee explained every move in the plane so knowing what was comin up was no surprise . i was so surprised on how comfort i felt. the areobatics was like seein on a movie screen and in my easy chair. the rush of the wind and the smell of the engine was all that made it real. i thanked my wife jane many times since then for a great day . i have always wanted to fly in one and even better lee let me fly it for a while. i will bring my son and grandson back this year for a flight and lee has agreed to let me photo my 1926 hispano suiza tulipwood with his plane. thanks again for a once in a life time experience . i will never forget. worth everypenny.a number 1, more comforable that a ride in a 727 thanks

- Tom Edwards



Lee, I can’t thank you enough for showing my dad such a “awesome” time. He hasn’t stopped raving about his experience. You were so wonderful with him. Letting him have a chance to fly the plane was the highlight. Thank You so much for making his experience one he will never forget!

- Linda Hawxhurst

Lee runs an amazing business. He is a great guy and a great pilot. I had an awesome experience and look forward to more flights.

- Tyler Stanton

Lee: Thank you for an awesome experience of the bi-plane ride. One of my dreams for a long time has been to be a bird and just soar in the sky. My 48th birthday, this dream came true thanks to my husband who gifted me with this unique gift! I thoroughly enjoyed the flight thanks to your expert aeronautical skills. Your bi-plane restoration keeps the history of the open cockpit alive today. The bird’s eye view of Lake Allatoona was awesome and I could not have asked for more. Thank you and all the best to you for pursuing your passion and sharing it with others.

- Lisa Lake

Lee, Goofed big time by not taking the aerobatics with the flight. Where else am I going to experience a barrel roll or loop? Wife says ok but it will have to be a while, till I quit talking ab out the ride I did have!

- Ken Haupt

My wife bought a trip for us for my birthday. It was great, I especially enjoyed the slow steep turns over Lake Allatoona. I would definitely like to take another flight.

- Albert Allen

My 6year old son is a huge Thomas trains fan who is now converted to a planes fan after the biplane ride over lake Allatoona & North Georgia mountains! The flight was a cool experience & Atlanta looked so much prettier in fall colors. Lee is a great pilot who made us very comfortable & even took us on a lazy eight & we were thrilled! The restoraunt at the McCollum field is good we did a lunch at the restoraunt & watched planes landing and takeoff before taking our own flight! Awesome experience & totally worth it!

- Bhagya Subbareddy

Lee, As so many have said before me, my 75th Birthday trip on Oct 30, 2010 was superb! Your guidance and choices of what to see, was very helpful, and I got 235 SLR’s and 20 min of video which included the scenes not anymore able to be seen from the streets, such as the Regency Hyatt revolving restaurant, the sky view of the Aquarium, the Peachtree Plaza hotel from the movie, the airview of the C5A plane and the 130’s as well. I like to take 3 D shots and got a LOT of the sights, and buildings as we passed them, in 3D. I enjoyed the “wingover” maneuver, too, and noted our 360 degree rotation around the wingtip that appeared to be stapled to the ground! What a blast!! Our family “Dinner” at the Elevation Restaurant was a great ‘topper’, and it won’t be another 75 years before I do it again!!! Thanks for the outstanding birthday!

- Jerry Dougherty

Hey Lee! Just wanted to thank you for the awesome flight yesterday. I know as with anything its easy to get bored of the same routine, but I really appreciated the willingness and passion with which you explained everything yesterday. It’s obvious that flying is in your blood. Im gonna come back and do it again! More than the aerobatics, I truly enjoyed taking the controls of the plane. For someone like me with no access to an airplane, just taking the controls for a little while was the opportunity of a lifetime and made me want to learn to fly even more. Thanks again for the awesome ride and for sharing your passion with people like me!

- Winston Hall

Dear Lee, Thank you so much for a beautiful and wonderful flight.I could not even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it.Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and skills. Best always and thanks again.

- Nihla Jones

For my 70th birthday, my two daughters and their families gave me a gift certificate for the Old-Timer Flight. It was a wonderful flight. Flying in an open cockpit is a unique experience. We traveled over Kennesaw Mountain, downtown Marietta, the Lockheed Martin/Dobbins AFRB , the Atlanta Aquarium, Ga Tech University, the Georgia Dome, Turner Field, the Georgia state capital building, Peidmont Park, Buckhead, the Big Chicken and Town Center Mall. Lee even let me “fly” the plane for a minute. Great fun.

- Richard Hartigan

I am still enjoying our flight on Aug 28. You are very gracious and accomodating and I really enjoyed you letting me take the controls for a little bit. Thanks and I recommend you to anyone.

- Gene Blankenship

Thank-you, Lee, for a great flight and tour…and for making our anniversary celebration one to remember! (we’d heard from our neighbor and air traffic controller that you’re a super pilot–he’s right!)

- Ashley & Barbara Shoaf

I can’t say enough about how great of an adventure this was! I surprised my wife with this experience and she absolutely LOVED it! We appreciated the attention to detail and professionalism that Lee showed the entire time. We also enjoyed his knowledge of the area and great sense of humor! If you’ve ever wondered if something like this is for you, it is! Book now, you won’t regret it! Thanks for an amazing trip Lee!

- Stephan Skalnican

Lee – Thank you for a great flight. Really enjoyed finding my house from the air, and was a thrill to see downtown from 2000 MSL. I especially appreciated you letting me handle the stick and rudders, and enjoyed the flight lesson. Most of all, enjoyed just spending a hour flying with you. Hope you know how much I enjoyed myself!

- Marc Rhoades

Lee- Thanks for a great flight today! We had a very fun and relaxing time. It was an experience to see Atlanta from above. Your commentary was great and you made us feel comfortable and safe. We would definitely do it again!

- Jaime & Jason Groesser

We sent our 14 yr olds up in the bi-plane with Lee and they had an awesome ride. It was an experience they’ll remember for a life time…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

- Maureen P. Kiely

Lee- thanks for the great flight. It was a birthday gift from my wife and she timed it so my nephew would be able to join me. We loved flying over our home in Lake Arrowhead. I appreciated how you took the time to explain everything and to make sure my nephew felt safe and secure. We both enjoyed the experience. For the rest of his visit, every time he heard a plane fly over the lake, he looked up to see if it was you!

- Rod Metcalf

Lee – thanks so much for a great trip! You really run a tight ship & it shows in everything you do – from your patience answering questions about all of the pre-trip planning details, as well as the great guidance & information when flying. My cousin Alec, the recent graduate, (my gift to him) and I had a wonderful time! You made the experience so easy & fun, and it goes without saying that we felt very safe the entire time. One of the biggest thrills that Alec and his family will all remember was flying over his home! I highly recommend flying with Lee and look forward to doing it again. We love having the pictures to commemorate our flight.

- Jeff Lebow

Lee is a great pilot. He makes sure you are comfortable for the entire trip. I enjoyed every minute while my eyes were glued to the fantastic scenery below.

- Ron Moore

Can there EVER be any better Birthday gift for an old Navy Air Traffic Controller than an acrobatic ride in a US Navy N3N bi-plane that was originally built about the time the old Controller was born in practically the same town he was born in? Not a chance. The ride with Lee was one of those experiences that I will never, ever forget. Absolutely awesome. Lee has a wonderful and professional attitude in handling the plane and especially to explain what is going to occur and why. And handing the stick over to me for a while was the icing on the cake. Thanks Lee for memories that shall last my lifetime.

- Ed Hottenstein

Lee, Thank You so much for a great ride today! I’ve already sent your info to several friends. I’m looking forward to my next one.

- Angela Jones

Thanks Lee We had a blast and i would recomend this to anyone Thanks again Lee

- Russell&Breeze

My aerobatic plane ride was fantastic!! The view was beautiful! Lee talked me through every step, making sure that I was having fun and ready for the next loop or roll. It was such a thrill and I really want to do it again!

- Rebecca Nickolaus

WOW! What fun! Lee you made everything from take-off to doing loops a wonderful carefree experience. You were always very professional and informative which gave me the confidence to do the aerobatics. I don’t do rollercoasters but this was nothing like that, the entire ride was so smooth and totally enjoyable. Love the photos too, I have evidence that I actually did fly upside down. Thank you so much for the experience!

- Deborah Stoker

Received a gift certificate from my kids as a fathers day present and upgraded it to include the longer flight and aerobatics.Except for the haze over Atlanta the weather was near perfect. The flight was smooth, the scenery beautiful (I waited for the fall colors to cash in on the flight) and the aerobatics well worth the extra charge — Thanks Lee!!!

- Colin Pollard

Lee, thank you for making our milestone birthdays (50th & 10th) something that we will always remember. What a wonderful adventure!! Absolutely one of the best experiences of our lives. Thank you so much.

- Ellen & Daniel Filreis

Awesome! A wonderful experience for Matthew for his 13th birthday…something he’ll remember for the rest of his life. He loved being allowed to take the controls and then experience the aerobatics. Highly recommend. We’ll be back for more. Lee is professional, thorough and a genuinely nice guy.

- Sue Francus

My wife took me on the Biplane Adventure for my 30th birthday. It was amazing! We saw beautiful views of the Atlanta skyline that are unmatched. Our pilot was very friendly and gave us quite a tour. We highly recommend it to anyone!

- Donny

Lee , thank you for a thouroughly enjoyable experience…It was obvious you are a professional , with alot of patience..Everything was explained about what to expect….Your plane is beautiful , what flying was meant to be.The aerobatics were flown with precision…Thanks for the stick time…” keep the nose up ! ” Fly safe and I hope to do another ride soon.

- Paul Smillie

Really enjoyed the flight,looking forward to doing it again sooner than later.Cant wait for the pics. Thanks

- Yul Brown

Thanks Lee & crew. The pictures arrived the other day, and they brought lots of comments from those that saw them. I surely enjoyed the ride, too bad visibility wasn’t clear enough for the aerobatics. The upside was that I had a few more minutes stick time though. As I told you Lee, I had ‘driven’ a Cessna, but the N3N-3 was flying. I guess it’s in my genes. My Dad flew a Curtiss JN4 Jenny in the days before he met my Mom. I’ll be back for more!

- Bill Tugend

It was a surprise, and she didn’t see it coming. Her realization of what she was about to experience stayed slightly behind what was actually happening, and Lee kept the pace at just the right level to keep her guessing. We had an absolute blast! Thanks Lee, we’ll be back.

- Dave Bauer

Lee-Enjoyed the flight very much. This was a birthday present to me and I hope I get a repeat on this one. The aerobatics were great and I am recommending this to everyone with a sense of adventure.

- Sandy Benson

Uncle Lee, I had so much fun last year flying in your plane. It was awesome and I would like to do it again another time. I love you and please tell Aiden, Dani and Aunt Sherryl I say hi.

- Rebecca Kluger

Lee, Thank you for a great time in the skies over Lake Allatoona! I will be back for a longer flight and some acrobatics!

- Kris Adler

Hey Lee, We wanted to just say thanks again for one of the greatest experiences my son & I have ever had! We appreciate your commentary while we were flying and we even made a video and posted to youtube. ( Thanks Again.

- Russ & Ian Webb

A wonderful experience and one that my daughter and I will share for a lifetime. This was the best birthday present ever! And, a special thanks to Lee for his piloting skills that made this adventure just that much more enjoyable…

- Tony and Leslie Brooks

Thank you Lee I had the most fun ever. The aerobatics were the best. it was so much fun the hour went by so fast. And letting me take control and fly the plane was awesome. I hope to come back and fly again soon.. Thanks again a great day.

- Bill Taylor

I’ve been a flight sim enthusiast for many years. Getting to ride in and fly a real bi-plane is undoubtedly the best birthday gift that I have ever gotten. The aerobatics were incredible, the level flight absolutely peaceful. I now understand how one can get hooked on flying an open cockpit plane. This was my first experience and will not be my last. Many thanks to my wife for her thoughtfulness and the pilot for trusting me to take the controls.

- Nova Saigo

Your gift to us and to the students of Bells Ferry Elementary was fantastic. Thank your for taking a couple of slightly nervous 40 something ladies up over the school to motivate the students. It was a great example to the kids that “The Sky’s The Limit” when you face your fears and say “I can do it!”

- Ms. Starnes and Ms. Cooler

It was INCREDIBLE !! One of the best experiences ever! Thanks!

- Kimberly H.

What a ride Mr. Kluger! The acrobatics were great and I really enjoyed the whole flight. Absolutely awesome.

- Gustavo Ortega

Absolutely fantastic Lee!The acrobatics were some of the most fun I’ve had in years. Thanks for one of the most memorable events ever!

- Russell Tether

After logging several hunderd hours of straight and level by the numbers flying, the aerobatics were a real treat. thanks, lee, for a great flight!

- dave jaeckels